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ROTOSOUND RB45, Roto Bass 45-105
15.82 €
21.10 €
Sääst: 25.00%
STAGG ESURF250SB, Surfstar kitarrikomplekt koos võimendiga
235.00 €
LINE6 Spider V 60, kitarrivõimendi
362.00 €
LINE6 Spider V 60, kitarrivõimendi
Tootekood: SP V 60
  LINE6 Spider V 60, kitarrivõimendi
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Spider V 60 is ideal for practicing and playing with a small band. Spider V features 60 watts of power, 200+ amps and effects, an internal wireless receiver, and a specialized full-range speaker system with a 10” loudspeaker.


60 watts of power
Bi-amped full-range speaker system with 10" loudspeaker + tweeter
Wireless-ready for Line 6 Relay transmitters
Built-in 60-second looper for layering guitar tracks to play over
Over 200 amps, effects, and cabs—more than any other amp in its class
USB interface and free recording software to record your best ideas
Drum loops and a built-in metronome for honing your chops
Compatible with FBV3, FBV Shortboard MkII, FBV Express MkII, and FBV2

Hind: 362.00 €


Tavaliselt läheb teele:
tööpäevadel 48h jooksul, kui ei ole märgitud teisiti

Saadetise kaal:
15.00kg. TK.

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